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Back-end support & engineering

KnoTra Global understands the crucial role of back-end engineering in your business's success. In today's world, servers are responsible for running critical backend applications as well as virtual desktop infrastructure, supporting employees' desktops. We provide comprehensive support for your current infrastructure to ensure that these critical devices are secure and up-to-date with required maintenance. Moreover, our team of experts develops insight and understanding to design and implement the infrastructure required for your future needs. By leveraging our support, you can gain the KnoTra Advantage for your business, with our certified experts applying collective IT intelligence to all our IT services, whether delivered on-premises or through our remote Managed Technology Services solution. KnoTra Global team is dedicated to providing support for your current infrastructure and developing the insight and understanding necessary for designing and implementing the infrastructure you need in the future.

Services include these key functions:

  • Provisioning and managing inventory
  • Performing routine maintenance and patch management
  • Providing security measures including firewalls and antivirus protection
  • Monitoring and alerting for potential issues
  • Resolving problems that arise

Empowering Your Business by Managing Your Technology