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Mobile Device Management

At KnoTra Global, we understand that mobile devices are not just convenient but essential tools in today's business world. As such, we provide comprehensive mobile support services for Android, Apple (iOS), and Microsoft devices, recognizing their critical role in your technology infrastructure. We offer a complete setup of mobile applications, including access to both personal and company emails, ensuring that your team can work efficiently while on the go.

We also understand that mobile devices can pose a significant security risk to your business as they are used outside of your network. To mitigate this risk, KnoTra Global provides robust security measures for your email servers and mobile devices. We install antivirus software and implement patch management to ensure that your devices stay protected from any potential threats.

Our team can configure mobile device management (MDM) software, allowing us to perform tasks automatically and remotely. With MDM, we can prevent the use of unsafe applications on mobile devices, restrict corporate resource access, and grant different levels of access to users in different roles. Additionally, in the event of a lost or stolen device, we can remotely access and delete data, maintaining your security and peace of mind.

Trust KnoTra Global to provide comprehensive mobile support services that ensure your business stays productive, secure, and ahead of the curve.

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