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Workstation Management

We recognize that desktop issues can hinder employees' productivity. Therefore, KnoTra Global's workstation-managed services aim to keep desktop workstations up to date with patches and antivirus protection, minimizing downtime and promoting continuous workflow. Our primary objective is to deliver top-notch workstation support, enabling you to focus on business growth. Our certified technicians are available round the clock, providing reassurance that your systems are in capable hands. We endeavor to optimize your systems for maximum productivity and performance, ensuring that you reap the benefits of your technology investments. To learn more about how our workstation support services can benefit your organization.

  • Management of operating systems
  • Management of licenses
  • Installation of antivirus software and protection of data
  • Monitoring of performance and system health
  • Onsite or remote support for end users
  • Problem resolution and troubleshooting
  • Inventory management and provisioning

Empowering Your Business by Managing Your Technology