24/7 Monitoring

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KnoTra Global's Monitoring as a Service is specialized in ensuring the continuous availability of your organization's Infrastructure, Application, and Security environments through reliable processes, tools, and technology, with a proactive approach. To guarantee the 24/7 attention that your critical systems require, KnoTra Global can configure monitoring that alerts support staff and your business team of any issues, providing reassurance that the problem is being addressed. Our 24-hour monitoring allows the identification of problems immediately, minimizing the impact. To avoid missing failures, we react to alerts and verify a significant portion of successful jobs to confirm their normal completion.

Our monitoring and maintenance service is provided remotely, and it offers proactive IT support and managed IT services such as server and software updates, data backup, anti-virus monitoring, firewall monitoring, and mobile device management. Our program is designed to detect potential problems before they arise, and we take responsibility for your network. You will be assigned a dedicated IT services manager, an experienced on-site consultant as needed, and a help desk technician to ensure that all your needs are met.

Empowering Your Business by Managing Your Technology